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Thanks to all who have contributed their time, energies, and resources to the Cathedral Cave Preserve. We greatly appreciate it, as will those in the future.

The Underground Conservancy
Cathedral Cave Preserve, LLC
Doug Billings | Tom Gilleland | John Norman


Cathedral Cave Preserve Stewards
Larry Zimmer, Jay Thorenson

Cathedral Cave Preserve Friends
Andy & Bonnie Armstrong, Bill Auer, Roy Barton, Nicole Billings, Oz Beckman, Chris Billstrom, Rich Breisch, Al Copley, Chip Cuthbert, Alex & Carl Diaz, Dave Eecue, Cristin Embree, Cristina Jan, Joe Jette, Kathy Kitterman, Rick & Stephanie Geissler, Kendra & Jackie & Mandi Gilleland, Stephanie Keeler, Sam Killian, Dave & Eleanor Larson, Andi & Jack & Rochelle Lewis, Michael Lyndon, Bruce Lynn, Jim Mead, Polly Peterson, Doug Powell, Alyce & JD & Mike Mizer, Werner Meisterburg, Scott Nicolay, Ed Poon, Penelope Proffit, Frank & Justin & Travis Rogers, Vivienne Sales, Roberta Serfave, Don Smith, Bern & Sandy Szukalski, Keith Todd, Rick Toomey, Jerry Trout, Kyle Voyles, Rebecca & Mark Weissinger, Neil Williams, Bob Winkler, Jut Wynne, Chris & Kim Young, Chris & Kara & Zane Zimmer

If we missed your name let us know so we can add it to the list.

Take nothing but Pictures,
Waste nothing but time,
Leave nothing but footprints.



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