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Cathedral Cave Millipede
( Pratherodesmus ecclesia )
  The Cathedral Cave Preserve is a privately owned speleological research and educational preserve. Our primary goals are to protect, explore and study this unique cave and karst system. Note that the preserve is on private property and is only accessible via designated guides.

A variety of research projects are currently be conducted at the cave.

Archaeologists are examining the sites cultural resources.
USGS Biologists are studying & inventorying the caves biota.
A NAU botanist has conducted an inventory of the surface plants.
Cave surveyors are producing detailed cave maps.
Cavers are studying the speleogenisis of the cave.
A history of the cave is being compiled as research for a book.
NAU Paleontologists are researching cave bones.

To control access, the cave and property have been gated, and there is an onsite caretaker 24/7. A variety of conservation projects are active including speleothem repair, trailing, resource management and property cleanup.

An important goal of the cave preserve is speleological education. We have conducted a variety of group tours as well as educational outreach presentations. Our hope is that through managed access of this special place, we can positively influence attitudes towards all cave and karst systems.

This cave preserve exists with the help of a wide variety of people. We wish to thank all those who have offered their support.

Let us know what you think about Cathedral Caves. We are always on the lookout for old photos, stories or artifacts pertaining to the cave.



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